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Entry for March 30, 2007 — Trouble

March 29, 2007


src=\”\” The words of this song has been stirring my heart. They bring tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. Thanks to Lizz Wright for articulating these feelings in her album: \”Dreaming Wide Awake\”. (wanna hear it? click here) Trouble in the air I don\’t want it But Ive got to breathe It´s […]

the pain of others — what should I do???

March 15, 2007


Have you ever stood beside someone whose pain is greater than you can phathom? Have you ever felt that awkwardness of not knowing what to do? That helplessness? What is our tendency? To DO SOMETHING! Anything! Maybe then we’ll feel better, because we DID SOMETHING. Hmmm. But it isn’t about me doing something so I’ll […]

devastation — meaning in suffering . . . in pain?

March 15, 2007


An Ode to a “shattered heart and soul held together by habit and skin”* Although the greatest of the many passions of my heart is family . . . this winter (a winter of my soul) brings separation / divorce number 2. Do I grip my greatest passion too tightly????? Do I have some “letting […]

adrift in an endless sea

March 11, 2007


Written on April 1, 2006. I poured my heart out in this first post. But when I shared it with the person that at that time was my best friend, my wife, she told me not to let anyone see this. It is too dark. You may be rejected or looked down on… “In the […]

total devastation

March 10, 2007


Sometimes a wind comes out of nowhere And knocks you off your feet And look, see my tears They fill the whole night sky The whole night sky Derailed and desperate How did I get here? Hanging from this high wire By the tatters of my faith Sometimes a wind comes out of nowhere And […]