through it

Posted on January 23, 2009


There is something to be learned

from a rainstorm.

When meeting with a sudden shower,

you try not to get wet

and run quickly along the road.

When doing such things as

passing under the eaves of houses,

you still get wet.

When you are resolved

from the beginning,

you will not be perplexed;

though you will still get

the same soaking.

This understanding extends to all things.

Samuri saying

Avoiding pain and discomfort is a full time occupation for many of us.

We scurry on by and miss the hidden truth, the hidden lesson, the wisdom and the tenderness that pain can give.

Our objective is to get PAST the pain, so we can be rid of it.

So often, we miss the learning that each moment has for us, unaware of what we have missed or that we are even missing anything.

Only by going THROUGH it do we face our pain, our hardships, our heartbreaks; listening and learning fully from each moment.

“When I touch the painful truth behind my illusions, I must abandon all my clever ways of trying to ignore, flee from, or numb myself against my suffering. Instead, I must allow myself to go to the center of my pain and stay there until I have felt it as fully as I can. In personal life, this might mean letting myself cry and cry again-a “practiced power” well known to people who have lost a spouse or a lover or a friend whose presence defined their lives.” Parker Palmer (see The Way of the Broken Hearted)

This is a quote by Otto Scharmer in his book “Theory U” based on the most current research on organizational learning and change. These concepts work because that are based on what works among people AND they are based on spiritual principles. This is from his chapter on “Seeing”:

“I have been amazed that regardless of how difficult a situation may seem, at the moment you choose to actually look at the situation, to look straight into its ugly face, new powers to deal with it are given to you. And the interesting thing is that those powers always match the challenge that you are presented with.”

This understanding extends to all things . . . but goes straight to my heart. Daily I struggle with my gods of comfort and personal peace. Daily I struggle to let go of these gods so I can experience life to the fullest extent.