the unraveling

Posted on February 28, 2010


I just had a discussion with a facebook friend (Thanks Lola) about the idea of “unraveling”. She posted this as her status and it really made me think: “I’m always fascinated by watching a thread unravel…especially when it’s happening in real life.” I felt the truth of that statement way down deep in my soul.

My response was: “Unraveling can be a sort of letting go… which is the first step in any new growth. Until what we think we know becomes unraveled, we are incapable of learning anything new. Because once we know for sure, the door closes and learning stops.” All learning first requires the inquiry of an open heart, mind, eyes, and ears. Here’s how the dialog continued.

“Love the thought Ron! Thanks for adding insight to this discussion. The unraveling of error grants the benefit of insight…one of the keys of wisdom.” That opened my eyes even further into a truth that I’ve been experiencing.

There’s also an unraveling of the heart that I’m experiencing that John of the Cross refers to as the Dark Night of the Soul. This, for me, is more real than real life. This, for me, unraveled the earthly foundations of my life, all of my hopes and dreams, and even values and beliefs, religious and theological systems. As I learn from these experiences, I find this process, the Dark Night of the Soul, becomes a way of life. I can’t put the pieces back together. Daily, with bloodied hands from handling shattered shards, the broken pieces that no longer fit, I resign myself to follow the Way of the Broken Hearted. Then I begin to see that the only spiritual growth comes through “daily dying”, moment by moment. It is not from being good, it is not from learning more and more. It is from death . . . the ultimate unraveling. Out of death comes life

“God breaks the heart again and again and again . . . until it stays open” (Hazrat Inayat Kahn). After walking this path, embracing this path, for several years, with daily tears, the eyes of my heart begin to open to the presence of God that has been there all the time. I begin to see the pieces He has been putting back together the whole time. I stop trying to “knit” and “patch” it all back together and watch in wonder at the beauty of His creative power creating something new. I crumple to my knees, trembling and crumbling in love with the wisdom of the Dark Night of the Soul, the Way of the Broken Hearted, because I realize it has lead me to the Kingdom of Heaven; which is in me. Through unraveling alone I begin to see my internal, spiritual landscape, the Source of my life, the Ground of my being, the dwelling place of God. I see that THIS interior castle has become the foundation for everything; my hopes and dreams, my values and beliefs. Through the eyes of this interior landscape, everything is new and different, grace is everywhere, the hands of God knitting something new.

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