Posted on July 13, 2010


WISDOM begins with seeing,
seeing with a heart that is open.

LEARNING begins with seeing,
seeing with a mind that is open.

LOVE begins with seeing,
seeing the heart behind words and actions.

COMPASSION begins with OPEN hands that are an expression of
an OPEN mind, an OPEN heart. and an OPEN will,

OPEN my eyes that I may
see with my heart.

OPEN my ears that I may
hear with my heart.



“When the eyes of the heart open,

we can see the inner realities

hidden behind the outer forms of the this world.

When the ears of the heart open,

we can hear what is hidden behind words;

we can hear truth.”

(James Fadiman)


Living life with open hands

is an outward expression

of the inner work

of opening the heart, mind, and will.


This opening up requires open eyes and open ears

that see and hear with the heart. . .

a “Seeing” that goes beneath the surface

of actions, reactions, and interactions,

habits and conditioned responses,

mental models and assumptions,. . .

to the heart below the surface.


With this openness,

we “See” with new eyes

at a deeper level

into ourselves, other people,

organizations, communities, and systems.


This inner work is then expressed outwardly

by living with open hands;

welcoming others and life,

giving and receiving openly,

living in community.

“The holiest thing we have to offer the world is a broken-open heart, emptied of fear and vengeance, filled with forgiveness and a willingness to take the risks of love.” (Parker Palmer, The Politics of the Brokenhearted)

“God breaks the heart again and again and again . . . until it stays open” (Hazrat Inayat Kahn)

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