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the waiting room

September 25, 2010


It is a waiting room of sacred listening. It is a waiting room of gathered silence. In the silence I sit and I turn my heart to the Light. As the Light bathes my soul, it is a time of tremendous healing. As divine Love overwhelms my soul,  tears overwhelm my eyes. Oneness and openness […]

Conventional Wisdom, Cultural Christianity, Imperceptible Assumptions, & Predictable Outcomes

September 21, 2010


“It was John Kenneth Galbraith, the hyperliterate economic sage, who coined the phrase ‘conventional wisdom’. He did not consider it a compliment. ‘We associate truth with convenience’, he wrote, ‘with what most closely accords with self-interest and personal well-being or promises best to avoid awkward effort or unwelcome dislocation of life. We also find highly […]

violence at the heart of things

September 20, 2010


During this week of celebration of International Peace Day, my heart is heavy. “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me” What human being on this earth doesn’t want this at some level of their existence? The concept is so simple. 1. Violence is NOT the way to peace. 2. There […]