gripping… groping… griping

Posted on March 4, 2011


Sometimes I feel like most of my life has been nothing but




Gripping what is temporal.

Groping for what is permanent.

Griping about what I don’t have.

Sort of like a dog chasing its tail,

I have lived my life in repeating cycles.

After a heartbreaking experience

I spend myself with tears of loss.

Sometimes for many months,

sometimes for many years.

Then there is a shift and

I spend myself with tears of longing.

Sometimes for many months,

sometimes for many years.

Finally . . .

I begin to realize that

“Loss” is the past.

I cannot bring that back…

“Longing” is the future.

That is out of my hands…

What if life were to be spent on nothing but love

…of each moment

…of each person

…of life

…all of life?

Each experience?

Every encounter?

Fully present, fully aware, fully conscious, fully alive.

What if the only tears were tears of love? What if???

Now, life speaks to me.

And I listen . . . more attentively.

Life speaks . . .

Sometimes of its beauty.

Sometimes of its joy.

Sometimes of its losses.

Sometimes of its longings.

Often of its loves.

But mostly, life speaks to me of its ephemeral nature.

Nothing but a blink and all is gone.

Nothing but dust in the wind.

All of life is but a process of letting go.

Nothing on this earth is permanent.

Not one thing . . .

And yet . . . and yet we hang on,

gripping . . . gripping so tightly . . . to what?

groping . . . groping so intensely . . . for what?

griping . . . griping so vehemently . . . about what?

“If I loose my grip, will I take flight?” (Cockburn)

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Cambell

“And then came human beings; humans wanted to cling but there was nothing to cling to.”

Live to the point of tears.

~ Albert Camus


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