the touch of eternity

Posted on March 21, 2011


There are things that happen in this life that are much greater than just the here and now. There are things that have greater meaning; a sort of eternal significance.

Sometimes it is events that happen just in time; exactly right, here and now. And you wonder… “how in the world did that happen like that?” It is synchronicity. Often, I’ve called these incidental graces.

By incidental, I mean “happening in connection with or resulting from something more important” (

And by graces, I mean small seemingly insignificant things that continue to fall into and onto our lives, unexpected and undeserved, that taken together become more like a spring rain in our lives, refreshing and vitalizing us for the journey; each grace drop a touch of eternity.

Sometimes it is people that are more than just encounters in the here and now of our lives. They are life-giving. They come into our lives for reasons much greater than ourselves.  There is a connection that is perfect, just right for what is needed at that time. But they continue to show up and touch us deeply with nothing less than what feels to me like a touch of eternity. Often there is a deep connection that resonates throughout our being.

Often there is an understanding like we have known each other beyond this life;

both in eternity before this life… and for eternity here after;

like we have known the other before and will forever after.

What do we do with these “touches” of eternity when they are given? Too often, my desire is to grab them and hold on to them for dear life. They are so perfect, like precious jewels. As I clutch them to my chest, gripped in my hands, I can only think of the emptiness of life without them; both events and people that have come as touches of eternity.

But when I grasp what is not mine, for nothing in this life is mine, I stifle and smother the most beautiful moments and the most wonderful people in my life. When my eyes open to see this thing that I am doing, I must let go… over and over again.

I must learn that when given such gifts, such touches of grace, I must hold them in open hands so I can admire them, appreciate their beauty, and wonder at their perfection. I must hold them in open hands so they can come and go in perfect synchronicity.

Touches of eternity can only be held in wonder and appreciation… not possession.