Living with Clenched Fists

Posted on April 21, 2012


I find within myself a growing uneasiness about the world I live in. Things are not adding up. We say one thing and do another. The systems and organizations that we create tend to destroy themselves, or act like destruction is their purpose in life. When I learn to go beyond just seeing (things on the surface) to Seeing (what is deeper), there seems to be a lack of integrity throughout our religious, political, social, economic, and educational systems. We come into this world with eyes of wonder and hands reaching upward toward the skies and outward to each other. But as life hits, we tend to follow and emulate those disintegrated systems all around us… clenching our fists.

Rather than remembering that we are all in this together, we compete with and destroy each other.
Rather than creating economic systems that are based on equality of opportunity, they are full of greed.
Rather than creating education systems that teach us to think and to solve the worlds problems together, we leave students feeling meaningless, powerless, and bored.
Rather than remembering that God is love, we use his name to create “the other”, and then make “the other” wrong and ourselves right.
Rather than cultivating that sacred common ground among and between us, we focus on divisive non-essentials, create the “other”, then kill it with our words and judgments, guns and bombs.

Could it be that we have unconsciously infused violence, inequality, greed, individualism, dis-integrity at the roots of all of our human constructs instead of peace, equality, simplicity, community, and integrity??? Why would we do that? Do we even know that this is what we have done? Do we know our fists are clenched? Have we even noticed? Do we bother to look at our own creations? And when we do, why do we turn away and continue on our way? Why do we not stop… and look… and See? Why do we not stand up and say, “No!” “Enough!” “Wake up!”

Why are children starving to death daily by the thousands, when there is more than enough food to feed everyone?
Why do we marginalize and discriminate against those that are different, when there is more than enough love to fill our world?
Why are we killing our own kind, because they do not agree with us, when there is more than enough peace to fill our world?
Why are we thoughtlessly killing mother earth under our feet, when this is our only home… when it is not ours, but rather our children’s?

Clenched fists of greed and hate keep us on a slippery slope to destruction.
Open Hands overturn the paradigm from selfishness and materialism to love and community.

As we awaken to the ramifications of the path we have chosen, we must answer the three great questions that life is asking us moment by moment:
WHO am I?
WHY am I here?
WHAT am I going to do about it?

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