a violence of the heart

Posted on October 17, 2012


I am amazed at what this political race has done to civility in America.

Brothers are labeling their own brothers “satan” if they disagree with their politics.

Sisters are labeling their own sisters “satan” if they disagree with their politics.

In doing so, they are not only judging their politics but also their faith and spirituality, their intentions and motivations, and the very destiny of their souls.

This lack of civility has led to a civil war of the heart and soul that is just as damaging as the Civil War of 150 years ago.

This lack of civility is an act of violence that violates the very identity and integrity of our own fellow Americans; a violence greater than any physical violence… a violence of the heart.

I cannot use a medium such as facebook to try to make you believe like I do. I respect you too much for that.

For me to stoop to such tactics of war would be a violation of my testimonies of peace, integrity, community, and equality that my faith requires.

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