my guiding principles

Posted on August 12, 2013


There is dignity in each and every individual that comes from the sacredness within each human soul.

In every person, gifts are planted in this humus of dignity and sacredness within the soul.

Identifying and using these gifts in a context where they are accepted and appreciated is what gives life meaning.

Meaning in life can only be discovered by the self. No one can prescribe this for another.

There is a “place” that needs each individuals’ gifts. Therefore meaning only happens in the context of community.

In community, there is also dignity that comes from the sacredness in the connectedness we have with each other.

This sacredness must be honored and revered. Whenever we encounter another person, we go away changed… for the better or for the worse.

Valuing others less than oneself is a crime against humanity; against the nature of who we are.

We devalue others whenever we do not presume competence, do not believe in them; whenever we give them answers for their lives and presume that we are right.

Violence is anytime we violate the identity or integrity of another person.

Violence and oppression result from inequality; whether conscious (intentional) or unconscious (structural).

  • A culture of fear is the inevitable result of a culture of power (usually invisible and unconscious)
  • A culture of oppression is the inevitable result of a culture of privilege (usually invisible and unconscious)
  • A culture of ignorance & submission is the inevitable result of a culture of knowing & telling (usually invisible and unconscious)

These are the things that destroy integrity and meaning.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION… for a lifetime…