Posted on February 2, 2014


PEACE (non-violence)

What is my response to these queries?

What is my response to war? What is my response to politics and partisanship? What is my response to personal conflict? What is my response when the integrity or identity of another person is violated? What is my response to injustices, to people that are marginalized and disenfranchized: homelessness, poverty, racism, inequality, prejudice, etc?

  • Am I living with peace at the center?(out of a foundation of silence, waiting, listening, mindfulness, & presence)
    • Interactions (people)
    • Reactions (problems)
    • Proactions (planning)
  • Am I living with violence at the center? (influenced by and following a culture with violence at its core)
    • External violence (crime, war, domestic violence, etc)
    • Internal violence (criticism, ignoring, cliques, being better than, pride, etc)
  • “Presence is realizing that in every encounter with another human being, we do not walk away the same; we leave a changed person for the better or for the worse; am I a giver or a taker? Is my presence life-giving?”
  • “Violence is any way we have of violating the identity or integrity of the other.” (Parker Palmer)

 Shalom: A right relationship with all things:

myself, others, community, the earth, the universe, God.