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Posted on January 1, 2017


Do you ever feel like you are striving after the wind or chasing your tail in circles? You try to make a change in your life and finally you are getting somewhere with that change; then you slide back into the quagmire out of which you just dragged yourself.


We tend to be so focused on what we can see that we miss what we cannot see.


If we want to be more loving, we focus on how we treat others.


If we want to have more joy, we focus on what we can do to make us happier.


If we want more peace, we seek places and people that help us feel more peaceful.


If we need hope, we scan the horizon for something, somewhere, that will give us hope.


We make progress and then we slide backward, two steps forward and one or two steps backward; chasing our tails as we go. Quite the rat race with each of us on our own rat wheel.


Why is it so hard to change? Why can’t we do just this one thing right? What is this blind spot that we are missing?


Within each of us, there is a core, a center, from which all actions, reactions, and interactions come. That inner space is the SOURCE from which we live our lives. Two people can “do” or “say” the exact same thing to someone, but almost always the results are not the same. Why is that? Because the result is determined by the Source. The Source infuses our actions and words with meaning. And we cannot fool others when it comes to the condition of our heart. “What comes from the heart reaches the heart.” (George Davis) The quality of presence, the quality of awareness, the quality of attention, the quality of intention, the quality of understanding, the quality of passion, and the quality of compassion all work together to create the impact and response that we get, good or not so good.


So if we want to love more, where do we start?

     If we want more joy, where do we start?

     If we want more peace, where do we start?


We start with the heart.


Are we doing the inner work necessary to sustain change?

Are we doing the inner work necessary to sustain purpose?

Are we doing the inner work necessary to sustain a meaningful life?

Are we doing the inner work necessary to make a difference?


How often do we even look within? Are we familiar with our own inner landscape? It is within that we find love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. It is within that we find purpose and meaning; integrity. It is within that we find the sacred, the divine, God. And from this space within flows our actions and our words, like a fountain. BUT that fountain, our fountain of words and actions, verbal and nonverbal, can be the water of life to others, or it could drown those around us? The fire that burns within can scorch others or it can give warmth, nourishment, life, and light.


New Year’s resolutions can be part of the rat race or the impetus to transformation change that is evident everyday. But it all depends on where we begin.


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BLINDSPOT: the inner place from which we operate (Source).

Source (who?) > Process (how?) > Results (what?)


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