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Love is Spaciousness

May 3, 2018


Love is not Affinity (that’s conditional) REV. WILLIAMS: Love was not to be limited to my bedroom or my family and just people that I thought that I liked; that what I was doing in the past and what we often do and what our culture calls us to do is to use love to […]

Our Greatest Teachers

May 2, 2018


“Our teachers — as much as we love our embodied teachers that come in flesh and bone and sit on cushions — are really the people, the situations that we confront moment to moment, day to day, month to month, year to year, that incite a sense of discomfort, dis-ease, awkwardness in us.  And rather that seeing […]

The Fierce Momentum of the Forces Battering Us

May 1, 2018


World Weary “There is so much momentum to every aspect of what drives us, what moves us, what has us hurtling through space, including all of our thoughts and even our own sense of our emotions; how we interpret any given feeling, any experience of discomfort; where that discomfort sits in our bodies. It’s not […]