Reality versus Reaction

Posted on August 23, 2018


What is real? (not my responsibility)

What is my response? (totally my responsibility)

I am fully accountable for my response to reality; my perspectives, beliefs, and actions.

I am not accountable for reality. Reality just is.


REALITY: Complexity

Life is defined by complexity.

How do I respond?

REACTION: Perplexity, confusion, frrustration?

… OR Wonderment and Awe.


REALITY: Contradictory Beliefs

Life is defined by a multitude of perspectives and beliefs

How do I respond?

REACTION: Labeling, categorizing, discriminating, and looking down on those that think different?

… OR suspend assumptions and seek understanding; knowing I don’t “know it all”.


REALITY: Everyone sees things differently and sees different things

No matter what we see or hear, we all have different perspectives or interpretations.

How do I respond?

REACTION: Being right / making others wrong, argumentation, opinionation?

… OR Listening and Honoring the ideas, perspectives, and humanity of others.


Please feel free to add more examples of REALITY versus RESPONSE. This is just a kickstarter.


REALTY is not my choice

REALITY is real.

REACTION IS my choice

REACTION is mine, my response is my responsibility.