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Introduction to Living with Open Hands

February 21, 2013


“When you die, someone will write your obituary. It will tell readers when and where you were born and what kind of work you did. It may name where you went to school and celebrate some of your achievements and personal qualities. It will identify those who survive you and perhaps say something about what […]

Living with Clenched Fists

April 21, 2012


I find within myself a growing uneasiness about the world I live in. Things are not adding up. We say one thing and do another. The systems and organizations that we create tend to destroy themselves, or act like destruction is their purpose in life. When I learn to go beyond just seeing (things on […]

the space between

April 21, 2012


I’m seeking a voice that’ll cross the spaces, a language that will speak with honor and respect to the sacred Space Between us all. We must find a new language of peace that creates, sustains, and reflects a culture of peace rather than the language of violence, inequality, and dominance that reflects the culture in […]

ground of being

November 19, 2008


What is the direction of our striving? What do we spend ourselves on? We arise in the morning and toil until we are weary to the bone. Then we fall in bed, hoping for sleep, so we can do it again the next day. If we are lucky, our endless striving brings us upward, advancing […]