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The Fierce Momentum of the Forces Battering Us

May 1, 2018


World Weary “There is so much momentum to every aspect of what drives us, what moves us, what has us hurtling through space, including all of our thoughts and even our own sense of our emotions; how we interpret any given feeling, any experience of discomfort; where that discomfort sits in our bodies. It’s not […]

How do we know that we know what we know?

January 23, 2018


In a world full of people saying with such gusto, “I’m right and therefore you are wrong,” how do we know what we know? Why do we know what we know? What does it matter? “Each of us creates a picture of our world by connecting a dozen or so of the trillions of dots […]


August 21, 2017


Most of our lives, we live in fear… … fear of the future … fear of the past … fear of regret … fear of failure … fear of falling short … fear of what others might think … fear of having too little … fear of not achieving enough … fear of losing things […]

the violence of the machine

July 12, 2017


I AM what I AM. I AM a man of peace and justice. I AM a man of equality and community. Trying to live a life of integrity and simplicity. I AM what I AM. This is my identity. . How does a man of peace Live while being swallowed up By the violence of […]

downloaded thinking / cultural conditioning

December 24, 2013


“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6. This is usually quoted as a command or an admonition telling us how to raise our children. But the context of this proverb shines a different light. The whole chapter is a list […]