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gripping… groping… griping

March 4, 2011


Sometimes I feel like most of my life has been nothing but gripping… groping… griping… Gripping what is temporal. Groping for what is permanent. Griping about what I don’t have. Sort of like a dog chasing its tail, I have lived my life in repeating cycles. After a heartbreaking experience I spend myself with tears […]

ground of being

November 19, 2008


What is the direction of our striving? What do we spend ourselves on? We arise in the morning and toil until we are weary to the bone. Then we fall in bed, hoping for sleep, so we can do it again the next day. If we are lucky, our endless striving brings us upward, advancing […]


May 10, 2006


The Open Hand The Open Hand Image represents for me a hand open to give, as well as open to receive. Out of living with open hands comes fresh new growth. Living with open hands is an expression of an open mind, open heart, and open will. But this begins with being fully present and learning […]