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the violence of the machine

July 12, 2017


I AM what I AM. I AM a man of peace and justice. I AM a man of equality and community. Trying to live a life of integrity and simplicity. I AM what I AM. This is my identity. . How does a man of peace Live while being swallowed up By the violence of […]

love… joy… peace

January 1, 2017


Do you ever feel like you are striving after the wind or chasing your tail in circles? You try to make a change in your life and finally you are getting somewhere with that change; then you slide back into the quagmire out of which you just dragged yourself.   We tend to be so […]

Don’t give advice unless you are asked

March 29, 2016


* Don’t give advice unless you are asked PLEASE. Offer advice ONLY when you are asked. ALWAYS in real life but also in social media. That’s the way life works! * Don’t give advice unless you are asked I am weary of argumentation, opinionation, being right – making wrong. If we seek to live in […]

A world of words

March 8, 2016


    Words are weapons of violence Words are tools of peace   Words are never the reality itself Words can only point to reality   Reality can be only partially expressed by words that are by nature simply signs and symbols Reality can only be understood through direct experience by the heart; not the […]

The power of non-violence

September 12, 2013


“Nonviolence in its dynamic condition means conscious suffering. It does not mean meek submission to the will of the evildoer, but it means the pitting of one’s whole soul against the will of the tyrant. Working under this law of our being, it is possible for a single being to defy the whole might of […]

Living in a Spirit of Dialogue

March 12, 2013


“’Dialogue’ comes from the Greek word dialogos. Logos means ‘the word’, or in our case we would think of the ‘meaning of the word’. And dia means through… Even one person can have a sense of dialogue within himself, if the spirit of the dialogue is present. The picture or image that this derivation suggests […]

the power of the human spirit

December 14, 2012


Presuming competence … … an ally of equality and empowerment. … a tool of peace. When you believe in a person, you awaken the power of the human spirit. Your belief, when clearly expressed, synchronizes with the desires and dreams of the person, and results in transformation that continues to surprise us in such wonderful […]