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the gifts my parents gave to me

June 19, 2016


… and are still giving. (a reflection on Father’s Day, 2016)   Presence is a great gift given to me by my parents … and they still give to me consistently and predictably. Everyday of my childhood, when I returned from school, my mom was waiting for me with a smile and a hug… everyday! […]

what I’ve learned from my kids

June 19, 2016


… and am still learning. (a reflection on Father’s Day, 2016) 1. What I think I already know … is always only part of the story. 2. If I already know, … I can no longer learn. 3. I should not believe everything I’m told, … questioning is an important virtue. ~~~ 4. To love […]

the way of compassion

June 13, 2013


In every culture and religion on earth, compassion is at the core of human society. Even in a culture that is established and maintained by war, compassion is seen in how a mother nurtures a child or how a father provides. Even in a religion that is established and maintained by judgment and prideful comparison, […]

the sacred and the profane

July 3, 2011


“There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.” ― Wendell Berry, Give When I write (now and as always), I do not write to be understood, I write to understand. Words fall away into silence and loss… until more questions arise. “If something that is sacred is something that is set apart […]

the pain of others

November 19, 2008


Have you ever stood beside someone whose pain is greater than you can phathom? Have you ever felt that awkwardness of not knowing what to do? That helplessness? What is our tendency? To DO SOMETHING! Anything! Maybe then we’ll feel better, because we DID SOMETHING. Hmmm. But it isn’t about me doing something so I’ll […]