The Open Hand

The Open Hand Image represents for me a hand open to give, as well as open to receive. Out of living with open hands comes fresh new growth. Living with open hands is an expression of an open LivingwithOpenHands2mind, open heart, and open will. But this begins with being fully present and learning to See and Hear at a deeper level. Open eyes see beauty, represented by the flower, in every person and everything in creation. Not only does living with open hands bring forth beauty but it is also the source of the passion of compassion. The flames of love are not stifled but are fanned into all-consuming, all-embracing, all-inclusive, unconditional love.


There are two distinct approaches to living life:

Open hand living


Clenched fist living

Our hands are an expression of our heart and mind, our inner self.

As an artist expresses the inner self . . .

As a warrior expresses the inner self . . .

As a villan expresses the inner self . . .

As a thief expresses the inner self . . .

. . . Through the hand,

So do we in our every action and re-action

To people and to life

“Think of the difference between being confronted with a clenched fist and being offered an open hand. The clenched fist signifies threat, rejection, arrogance, exclusion, refusal, anger and violence. The open hand means friendship, help, peace, sharing, communication and connection.” (fr. Vivian Boland: see his full sermon, Clenched Fists or Open Hands, here

Clenched fist living contrasted with open hand living

Clenched Fist Open Hand
Threat Invitation
Hidden Revealed
Uptight Relaxed
Defensive Inquiring
Stagnation Open System
Barrier Connection
Sees Limits Sees Possibilities
Energy Bottled-Up Energy Released
Closed Mind: knows all, opinionated, full of certainty Open Mind: always learning, inquiring, anticipating
Closed Heart: guarded, controlled, fear Open Heart: embraces change, diversity, people
Conquers / crushes risk and the unknown Embraces the unknown and seeks new possibilities
Competition Collaboration
It is all about ME It is all about ALL
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  1. lovely, I found your postings by searching for an image of an open hand. I love the image you are using. A hand open to give IS a heart open to recieve. A hand clenched holding onto the little it imagines to be real, is poised to defend , poised to attack.. thank you for you .. 🙂

    is the image yours? may I use it?

    with gratitude , appreciation and respect

    russell johnson


  2. After more searching, I found that the old logo was still being used. So this one is one that I had created for my eBook.



  3. soking aunzo

    September 2, 2016

    thank you so much for your blog on living with openhands…very inspiring and challenging too!


  4. Thank you for this article. I am currently pondering spirituality, my personal gifts and interests. I meditated on what my gifts may be. I was shown two open hands. This confused me, as I thought I’d see something along the lines of tarot, numerology, conversing with spirits etc. Your article is the first I’ve found that goes some way to explaining the symbolism of what I saw, so thank you.
    Love and light

    Liked by 1 person

    • About 12 years ago, I too saw open hands in a way that redefined my life. That was when I began writing my blog. Not so much in order to write what I know but I wrote because I didn’t know. I wrote in order to begin to understand. Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Well said. I’m trying to be an open hand presently in my life. I wad a closed fist for far too long.



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