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a heart broken open

March 30, 2012


Living life on the surface, never going below… anything… to the deeper things beneath. Oblivious… numb… lethargic… nostalgic… stagnant… I was cruising along at a high altitude, knowing what I think I know, doing what I think I should, living according to all the indicators apparent from the perspective of life on the surface. Then […]


March 22, 2012


Arthur What is it about you have has been driven into my memory for 20 years? Arthur As I walked down the sidewalk today, you called me out from the porch. “Hey, you still work in the schools?” Arthur I looked and saw a smile from a 32 year old man that looked exactly like that […]

boundary spanning

March 21, 2012


Life Experiences Leading to an Life of Inclusion; Valuing Diversity and Embracing Community In our quest for comfort and certainty in our lives do we actually sacrifice the one thing that will sustain our lives, give us meaning and purpose, give us life??? All people are created equal. Right? Then why does it seem that […]

out of the silence

March 18, 2012


In many senses, all of my writing and all of my healing has come out of the silence. It wasn’t until I entered the silence and remained there, listening to the silence and waiting … on strength in weakness … on light in darkness … on a still, small voice in the chaos … that I began […]

if I already know . . .

March 18, 2012


After our meeting for worship (which is always in silence) today we had a program on conflict resolution. Actually, as Quakers, every gathering is a meeting for worship. Each week the worship is silent but not so much meditation but rather it is listening to the silence and waiting on the Spirit. In a meeting for worship, someone may speak out what has been put on […]