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Reality versus Reaction

August 23, 2018


What is real? (not my responsibility) What is my response? (totally my responsibility) I am fully accountable for my response to reality; my perspectives, beliefs, and actions. I am not accountable for reality. Reality just is.   REALITY: Complexity Life is defined by complexity. How do I respond? REACTION: Perplexity, confusion, frrustration? … OR Wonderment […]

What is This Drive to Convince? … to be right???

August 21, 2018


    “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before […]

The Balance of our World vs the Equilibrium of the Heart

April 10, 2018


“The balance of our world frequently is seen as a question of power. If I have more power and more knowledge, more capacity, then I can do more. And when we have power, we can very quickly push people down. I’m the one that knows and you don’t know, and I’m strong and I’m powerful, […]

How do we know that we know what we know?

January 23, 2018


In a world full of people saying with such gusto, “I’m right and therefore you are wrong,” how do we know what we know? Why do we know what we know? What does it matter? “Each of us creates a picture of our world by connecting a dozen or so of the trillions of dots […]

knowing and unknowing; truth and untruth

March 4, 2017


There is no authentic knowing outside of the context of relationship. Without direct experience, “truth” loses its integrity. Since truth with direct experience is subject to interpretation (or possible fallacy), Then truth without direct experience is little more than hearsay (or possible heresy). “If your knowledge of fire has been turned to certainty by words […]

Embracing Mystery and Paradox

June 6, 2013


The thing that you pursue the most, eludes you… The thing that you fear the most, finds you… The thing that you turn away from, ends up staring you in the face… . The thing that you clench most tighty…ends up as dust in the palm… ashes to the wind… . The thing that you […]

remembering what we already know

January 14, 2013


Life is about more than success. It is about falling down. It is about getting back up. More than just getting up and keeping on, it is about being down and taking the time to feel the fall, taking the time to look around and see those at the bottom you never saw before you […]