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Being Open to Ourselves

February 24, 2019


A reminder to myself… We tend to beat ourselves up over our imperfections because we are culturally conditioned to do so. The nature of conditioning is that often we do not even know we are doing it. Conditioning sustains itself through its own invisibility. We are human and we cannot change who we are. We […]

Love: Trivial or Transformational?

June 26, 2018


I deeply resonate with this. Is love the answer? Can love save us? How??? If we never really see it or feel it transformatively? “The nuclear family is a recent invention and a death blow to love—an unprecedented demand on a couple to be everything to each other, the family a tiny echo chamber: history […]

Love is Spaciousness

May 3, 2018


Love is not Affinity (that’s conditional) REV. WILLIAMS: Love was not to be limited to my bedroom or my family and just people that I thought that I liked; that what I was doing in the past and what we often do and what our culture calls us to do is to use love to […]


August 21, 2017


Most of our lives, we live in fear… … fear of the future … fear of the past … fear of regret … fear of failure … fear of falling short … fear of what others might think … fear of having too little … fear of not achieving enough … fear of losing things […]

love… joy… peace

January 1, 2017


Do you ever feel like you are striving after the wind or chasing your tail in circles? You try to make a change in your life and finally you are getting somewhere with that change; then you slide back into the quagmire out of which you just dragged yourself.   We tend to be so […]

the gifts my parents gave to me

June 19, 2016


… and are still giving. (a reflection on Father’s Day, 2016)   Presence is a great gift given to me by my parents … and they still give to me consistently and predictably. Everyday of my childhood, when I returned from school, my mom was waiting for me with a smile and a hug… everyday! […]

what I’ve learned from my kids

June 19, 2016


… and am still learning. (a reflection on Father’s Day, 2016) 1. What I think I already know … is always only part of the story. 2. If I already know, … I can no longer learn. 3. I should not believe everything I’m told, … questioning is an important virtue. ~~~ 4. To love […]