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On Being and Being Open

July 10, 2018


Written over 20 years ago, this is becoming more and more relevant: TWO THINGS: BEING, AND BEING OPEN. Two Essential Elements in Human Life “What meaning can be found in life in the modern world? So many people today are searching, so many seem lost and no longer have any kind of ethical reference points; […]

Living with the Open Hands of Integrity

December 15, 2013


INTEGRITY (authenticity) … and what difference do you make??? What is my response to these queries? What is my response to a lack of meaning in my life? What is my response to my birthright gifts? What is my response to making a difference in life? What is my response to injustices, to people that […]

Living with the Open Hands of Simplicity

December 15, 2013


SIMPLICITY (sustainability and stewardship) What is my response to these queries? What is my response to Black Friday? What is my response to the extreme consumption of our society? What is my response to materialism? What is my response to career advancement? What my response (and attachment) to money and possessions? What is my response […]

Seeing with the Heart

June 6, 2013


Living life with open hands is an outward expression of the inner work of opening the heart, mind, and will. This opening up requires open eyes and open ears that see and hear with the heart . . . a “Seeing” (and “Hearing”) that goes beneath the surface of actions, reactions, and interactions, habits and […]

the cocoon

April 20, 2013


I am finding more and more that life is all about remembering what we already know. Each year we live, layer after layer of conditioning creates a sort of cocoon where we see only what we are taught to see, hear only what we are listening for; where we insulate and isolate ourselves from discomfort, […]

a heart broken open

March 30, 2012


Living life on the surface, never going below… anything… to the deeper things beneath. Oblivious… numb… lethargic… nostalgic… stagnant… I was cruising along at a high altitude, knowing what I think I know, doing what I think I should, living according to all the indicators apparent from the perspective of life on the surface. Then […]

open . . . like a child

November 19, 2008


“There is a wondrous open-mindedness about children and an insatiable desire to learn from life. An open attitude is like an open door–a welcoming disposition toward the fellow travelers who knock on our door during the middle of a day, the middle of the week, or the middle of a lifetime. some are dirtballs, grungy, […]