Posted on November 23, 2008



Living with open hands, heart, and mind requires that we:

~ Live consciously, mindfully, and intentionally.

~ Bring full attention, presence, consciousness, and awareness to each moment; to every thought, to every action, and to each and every interaction.

~ Come to the realization that every time we encounter another human being, they (and we) cannot walk away unchanged. They (and we) leave changed; for the better or for the worse. We are all connected.

~ Realize that the only thing we have power over and are responsible for is the present moment.

Our whole life comes to bear and comes to fruition in the NOW; in the present moment.

~ The past is unchangeable, although it has created this present moment.

~ The future is untouchable, although it is created by this present moment.

NOW is all all we have been given. If we let this moment slip away, it is gone forever. If we live it to the fullest, it still slips away and is gone forever. BUT if we have made a difference in that moment, then that moment lives on forever.

If we step back and observe our thoughts (metacognition), we’ll see that they continually jump back and forth between past thoughts and future thoughts; worries about the future and regrets about the past . . . How often are we fully present with our thoughts focused on this moment in time, right now? The smile of a stranger, the voice of a child, the smell of a rose, the view of a fleeting sunset, the wind, the rain, the trees, people, me (what I see, feel, hear, smell, taste). . . my own breath of life