Seeing with the Heart

Posted on June 6, 2013


Living life with open hands is an outward expression
of the inner work
of opening the heart, mind, and will.

This opening up requires open eyes and open ears
that see and hear with the heart

. . . a “Seeing” (and “Hearing”) that goes beneath the surface of
actions, reactions, and interactions,
habits and conditioned responses,
mental models and assumptions,
. . . to the heart below the surface.

With this openness, we “See”
with new eyes at a deeper level
into ourselves, other people, organizations,
communities, and systems.

This inner work is then expressed outwardly
by living with open hands;
welcoming others and life,
giving and receiving openly,
living in community.

Living with open hands
is not a series of notions
nor is it a system of belief.

It is a way …
expressing itself in action.

It is a way …
a spiritual discipline that can deepen the spiritual life

It is a way …
expressing itself clearly and visibly in
integrity, equality, simplicity, community, and peace.