what I’ve learned from my kids

Posted on June 19, 2016


… and am still learning.
kids and me
(a reflection on Father’s Day, 2016)

1. What I think I already know

… is always only part of the story.

2. If I already know,

… I can no longer learn.

3. I should not believe everything I’m told,

… questioning is an important virtue.


4. To love means to seek to understand

… more than to be understood.

5. The beginning of understanding is listening,

… without talking.

6. Unconditional love is unconditional,

… period.


7. (7 is the perfect number) A loving heart is revealed by the friends we choose,

… often friends without friends.

8. A loving heart is revealed by the friends we stick with,

… no matter what.

9. A loving heart welcomes the stranger

… embracing differences.


10. “Telling” is more of an act of dominance

… than love.

11. All true change comes from within ourselves,

… not from outside ourselves.

12. Therefore we must learn to listen to the inner teacher,

… the still, small voice.


13. We must remember that the voice of the smallest, of the “least of these”,

… often is full of the greatest wisdom.

14. Wisdom may be shouted from on high among many loud and competing voices,

… but is speaking most clearly yet quietly in the lowest places.

15. Wisdom is always speaking, with and without words, but is never heard,

… unless we are listening.

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These things I have learned not so much by being a father but more so by being a listener, an observer of these precious lives as they grow. Truly they have been my role models, my teachers.

I can only wish I understood these things during the whole time that I was parenting them….

Thank you Joel, Evan, and Myka.

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